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October 3, 2011 Clementina

‘Ceramics seems very important in Korea. Its ancient past is defined by styles of pottery. The ubiquitous onggi pot holds a family’s precious store of kimchee, hopefully enough to see it through the winter. And with the Gyeonggi Ceramix Biennale, Korea has established the key international event in the world of ceramics.’

These are the opening lines of an extremely interesting review of the Gyeonggi Ceramix Biennale by Kevin Murray –

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  1. Noela Mills 13 years ago

    Interesting – yes, he has a good point – maybe a bit idealistic as there will always be middle men and corruption and greed, especially when a third world country is involved. I am off to Jingdezhen, China and Wushipi [where hundreds of 'artists' churn out rip off paintings for the West] next week – so will have a better idea of what actually happens. I think our practice of artists working as sole designers, practioners, promoters, wholesalers in isolated luxurious studios will be very foreign to them.
    Noela [Australia]

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