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March 26, 2010 Clementina
Experiments with using stencil type cut-out decals on beakers , to be fired in an overglaze firing 800 degrees centigrade. This is a further development of the ‘graphic’ look which I have been exploring recently.

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  1. Busy Bee 14 years ago

    Oh wow! Those are great!

  2. Eugene Hon 14 years ago

    Love your new work, they are striking and the choice of colours are fabulous. Just incredible. They are strong formally and compliment each other very well. I particularly like the images painted in the terracotta colour against the orange chartreuse background, and with the turquoise and or light blue broad band stretching over the rims. Great work and exciting new direction – hopefully they sell well and find homes fast – they deserve to be coveted. Prefer it to the rather harsh black images

  3. John Shirley 14 years ago

    Love them, the designs and the colours. Hope to see you and the new studio when I am in CT mid April.

  4. Thanks for the accolades, and Eugene many thanks for the insights..very inspiring to have these responses to the blog and of course to the work!

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