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March 29, 2010 Clementina

Several different streams of thought happening simultaneously in my work at the moment…the one is the application of graphic images onto brightly coloured background surfaces, the main influence being various textile designs as seen on the previous posts.

At the same time, in a way parallel to this, I am also making pieces where I apply a spontaneous, loose brush work in a rather haptic manner. The influences here are Malevich (geometric imagery ) and then Miro, Kandinsky and others for their spiritually linked abstract manner of using line and colour in a painterly way.
This results in each cup displaying, as it were, a small abstract painting. I am using charcoal casting slip, cream decorating slip into which I incise linear motifs, and then ceramic underglaze pencil, and red underglaze colour all covered by a clear glaze fired to 1120 degrees.

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