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Clementina ceramics and Casamento furniture

Clementina ceramics and Casamento furniture
December 14, 2008 Clementina

The latest exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum in Mowbray celebrates Clementina van der Walt, renowned ceramicist. Some of our pieces were loaned to Clementina for to use in her exhibit… The result is a beautiful blend of mid-century colours and ideas. Her work here is another look at marrying the 1950’s and the present – which is what we are all about! We are proud to be part of this show and would love you all to have a look if you can make it… it is well worth it.
Show runs until the 17 January 2009.
The Irma Stern Museum is in Cecil Road, Mowbray.

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  1. one und only 16 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed your exhibition. Making use of this wonderful furniture just completed the thought process,really lovely.

  2. Malina 16 years ago

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