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Capturing the Moments in My Studio

Capturing the Moments in My Studio
May 15, 2015 Clementina
I’m often delighted when visitors capture scenes from my studio, depicting my all too familiar space, through their eyes… literally seeing the studio through different lenses. It reminds me how much I treasure this sacred space…my studio! Recently Miss Moss and Monya Eastman visited my studio in Woodstock. Snapping away and chatting over coffee, they captured the essence of my studio, the visual charm and the inspiration that makes up this creative space. Together the two compiled a beautiful article for Miss Moss’sblog, describing the mood, my work and the general atmosphere also portraying magnificent images that would inspire any artist. Photos by Miss Moss

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  1. Anna 9 years ago

    what a great write up and wonderful photos of your studio which appears to be on a second floor… I hope you have a lift to carry things up and down…

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