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My Recent Visit to Taipei

My Recent Visit to Taipei
September 25, 2014 Clementina
I have just arrived back from an incredible 10 day trip to Taipei, Taiwan. My partner, Albie Bailey, and I were fortunate to visit this city and explore the streets, taste the exotic dishes and meet the beautiful people. 

The reason for our trip was to visit the Yingge Museum of Ceramics where my work is on display for a few months as part of an international Ceramic Exhibition. 

Masquerade is an installation of mine, comprising of 18 masks and is on show at this prestigious Ceramic museum. In this picture, I was lucky enough to meet the director of the museum, Chen Chun-Lan. 

My installation is also featured in their exquisite 215 page catalog, which comprise of pictures and blurbs about each Ceramicist taking part in the show from across the globe.

We were welcomed with absolute warmth and reverence by the director as she awarded  me with this Certificate of Gratitude. I thought this was a lovely gesture.

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