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March 25, 2014 Clementina
Having worked with ceramics for over 4 decades, I’ve sold and supplied work at a variety of outlets; flea markets, shops, hotels, restaurants, galleries and art shows. Selling at markets takes me back to the early 80’s where I first sold my ceramics at the Market Theatre – flea market in downtown Johannesburg. In those days we were still living under the apartheid regime, however the Market Theatre operated independently, accommodating a vibrant atmosphere of multi-cultural and non racial discrimination. Stall holders of all races sold side by side, jived to the music and mingled with the locals. There was a great buzz and the Market Theatre itself, hosted controversial shows and live music and dynamic dance performances. 

Selling at markets is always a humbling experience, literally grounding one, bringing one in touch with reality. Last weekend, I had a stand at  the bi-annual Potter’s Market in Rondebosch. I had great sales and wonderful feedback.  The next Potter’s Market  will be in November. 

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  1. woodfirer 10 years ago

    Glad it went well -no rain like in Rufford? I was in Milwaukee at NCECA with 1000's of potters!

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