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July 21, 2012 Clementina


I am fascinated by the phenomenon of 3D printing in ceramics such as these cups above made by the Belgian UNFOLD design studio ….
as I continue with the mark of the hand revealing human error and accident in these new cups out of the kiln this week…

I think both are pleasing to the idea, and philosophically, and energetically…well …I don’t know…I guess it depends on one’s world view and perhaps I am a bit of a Luddite for not investigating this new technology!

Comments (3)

  1. Patricia G 12 years ago

    It's very clever – and useful for some purposes. We all investigate our own technologies. We have to follow what floats our personal boat.

  2. Your new cups are beautiful — each and every one!

  3. J. Knez 12 years ago

    The printed ceramics is interesting. I've been a 3d modeler for some time and it's a cool technology. However I have noticed that program needs to learn how to turn edges 😀

    (They could be smoother if the triangles went from the opposing corners).

    I think your cups are very cool and imo way better than anything machine made.
    I've been doing ceramics for a few months now and it's just so much better than computer generated anything.

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