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June 2, 2012 Clementina






There are many definitions of clobbering ranging from hitting someone hard to overwriting the contents of a computer file. However in the ceramic context my understanding is that ‘clobbering’ means to decorate another’s work with overglaze.  The first image depicted here is of 2 clobbered vases – these white vases are from Ceramic Matters and I have added my mark to them.

There are currently all kinds of activities going on in my studio, a lot of work is in progress. So I decided to photograph some of the pieces lying around waiting to be further worked on. Images here depict plates that are decorated and need to be glazed, plates that have been glazed and need to be fired, slab built dishes which have been freshly made and are drying and small decorated cups awaiting glaze. A lot happening simultaneously, images of the finished work will be posted when they come out of the kiln….finally…and assuming they all survive the element of fire!

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