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April 19, 2012 Clementina



I seem to  be on a role with posting free brushstoke on ceramic surfaces…I find it incredibly exciting..the combination of a limited 3d form holding within it bold expressionist paint marks and textures.

And so by chance I came across the website of the Dutch ceramist, Petri Voet. The images posted here are admittedly from several years ago, and since Petri seems to produce a somewhat diverse range of work, I am not sure if this direction is still being pursued. I found the description of her work on her website rather inspiring and mysterious:
‘Much of the work of Petri Foot contain her memories of distant travels. The open-minded viewer can travel on his own imaginative conception. Swivel the horizon around a bowl reveals new horizons loom on.

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  1. Anna 12 years ago

    gotta love those translations :^) You might also like to see work by John Shirley of Sth Africa
    Scroll down to his August 2011 posting for watercolour effects on some wonderful bowls.

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