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November 23, 2011 Clementina
Sake and Sushi set. Sake flute: $89, cup: $21, plate: $22

A friend sent me this Shapeways link which is quite amazing…it makes me real (actual as opposed to virtual) studio ceramics going to become totally anachronistic, a feature of past history, perhaps like lace-making?
The Shapeways site is completely interactive in that one can design one’s own item within the limitations of their templates and then have it made ‘without getting one’s hands dirty’….and one assumes the respondent would feel truly creative!

‘Create cups and tumblers from scratch without getting your hands covered in clay. Design your one of a kind set using our easy Creator tool and get it made in food-safe 3D printed ceramic. Painting pottery is so 1999. 3D printing pottery…welcome to the future.’

It is certainly a new other kind of world!

Any thoughts on this?


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  1. Christina Lai 13 years ago

    Dear Clementina (what a beautiful name!)
    the computer screen can never be as satisfying as creating pots by hand!
    your blog is fantastic- great images and thoughts…we must keep the dying craft alive! i'm a fresh UK ceramics graduate and tough to even aford a studio, let alone make money!please take a look at my ceramics site and follow my blog which covers everything i love from craft, fashion, film, tv to exhibitions and galleries…keep up the blogging!

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