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August 30, 2010 Clementina
It makes good sense to use clay for pots, vases, pitchers, and platters, but I like to have things both ways. I make things that could be functional, but I really want them to be considered works of art.

-Betty Woodman*

An earlier work of mine, inspired by Betty Woodman

…and then some images of her work here below

Whilst preparing a presentation that I will be giving this week at the Cape Craft and Design Institute on my work and what inspires me, I was reminded of the strong influence of the work of Betty Woodman. This video of one of her installations gives a wonderful insight into the logistics of such a project.

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  1. Outside The Lines 14 years ago

    I love learning about new artists, and today I have learned about two….thanks for the post about Betty Woodman and I love your work!

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