August 9, 2010 Clementina

I sometimes feel as if my mind is multifaceted, I am excited and spurred on to try all sorts of seemingly disparate aesthetic adventures…yet somehow there does however seem to be a constant pitch, a thread which is there in all my work although not always immediately apparent.

And so I have been having a lot of fun, – inspired by my illustrations on the wedding cups (see previous post) – surfaces of beakers where I imagine and draw simple line characters offset by solid black areas. I use a wonderful waxy matte glaze which gives the cups a very sensual tactile quality.

All other types of work still continue though…

Comments (2)

  1. Le terre colorate 11 years ago

    They are beautiful and delicate in their simplicity.
    Congratulations ……

  2. Gloria Freshley 11 years ago

    These are so wonderfully playful and graphic!!

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