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June 21, 2010 Clementina


Today in the southern hemisphere, it is the winter solstice…this Taoist Hexagram for the Summer Solstice is surely just as poignant for the winter solstice.
The yang force awakening life

Heaven and Earth exist without beginning or end.

This is the primal power of inspiration.

Use this as a spirit helper


Be dynamic, strong, untiring, tenacious and enduring.

Continue on your path and don’t be dismayed.

Ride the power of the Dragon

and bring the fertilizing rain.

Midsummer: The Dragon appears,

bright against the dark night sky.

Spread your wings.

Let your creative power emerge

You receive energy and guidance

Now is the time to build something enduring

Seek those who connect you to the Great Spirits

and trust what is great in you


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