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June 16, 2010 Clementina

South Africa is not known for heavy snowfalls. In fact when it does snow it is so rare that people might take the day off to drive out to the mountains to make snowmen! So these astonishing images, looking as if they were shot for a European Christmas card were actually taken this week in
Nieu Bethesda which is a remote village in the Eastern Cape, made famous by the Owl House. This was the home of Helen Martins a reclusive outsider artist who together with her assistant Koos Malgas built an incredible fantasy garden of cement sculptures.

The cold however has gripped the entire country right now, not daunting the soccer enthusiasm though…people are out in the streets blowing vuvuzelas and going to the stadiums..a fun time!

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  1. Fred Eb 14 years ago

    Wow ! That's absolutely beautiful Clementina . Thank you !

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