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In the spirit of ‘world cups’…

In the spirit of ‘world cups’…
June 1, 2010 Clementina

Wheel thrown cups with majolica glaze -camaraderie, oneness, solidarity, harmony

Just for drinking…

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  1. Clementina 14 years ago

    In the Spanish-speaking world, when people with the same name meet, they call eachother Tacayo or Tocaya; and when you read my name below you will know why I am calling you that.
    You do beautiful work! Do you have any ceramics that go well with Mexican food?
    Saludos, Tocaya!
    "A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate"

  2. FetishGhost 14 years ago

    I really really enjoy the freedom and sense of color that you bring to your work. The political and social views that you manage to work into your work makes me rethink what I'm really trying to accomplish. Great job.

  3. I certainly do..if you check out older posts on my blog you will find some very jolly graphic colours..I have never met a Clementina before! So Saludos, Tocaya!

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