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chocolates, biscuits and nuts for tea

chocolates, biscuits and nuts for tea
October 1, 2008 Clementina

Today 1st October, still lousy weather in Cape Town, although there were a few rays of sunshine this morning. Nevertheless we are going full steam ahead with our tea and biscuits exhibition tomorrow to celebrate the opening of our new shop at The Old Biscuit Mill and …dare I say it…spring….Planning to substitute our wonderful iced tea punch (based on a recipe from a ranch in South Carolina decades ago, strong on the alcoholic content!) for something more warming like sherry or maybe even spiced mulled wine if the weather is really freezing.
In the meantime, the image here is of some of my own work for the show..I am very excited about my sweet stands, and quite inspired to hold my own tea party and use them for a ritual high tea celebration when the occasion arises.
To all our Cape Town clients, even if it is raining and windy tomorrow, please join us from 4 – 6 to chill a bit (hopefully not literally!)

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  1. one und only 16 years ago

    I love your double decker sweet stand especially the handle…yummy; hope to see you there and all the very best.


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