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August 14, 2008 Clementina

An interesting ceramic exhibition coming up in Cape Town – Andile Dyalvane, Katherine Glenday, Christina Bryer and Zizipo Poswa. These artists have been engaged in conversation for some time, exploring their respective histories with clay. Their installation shows a passion for the earth which they work with, it touches on their deepest childhood memory, it acknowledges their ancestry and weaves a picture of their appreciation for one another and for their country.

Exciting to see some ceramics with content and meaning. So many ceramic pieces are lacking this dimension…

You can also see the work of Katherine Glenday and Christina Bryer at our shop Clementina Ceramics at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town. Andile Dyalvane and Zizipo Poswa have work on show at their own shop, Imiso Ceramics, also at The Old Biscuit Mill.

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  1. one und only 16 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this one,it will definitely be attended.

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