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High fashion meets ‘old fashioned ‘Five Roses tea time

High fashion meets ‘old fashioned ‘Five Roses tea time
July 28, 2008 Clementina

A special commission….
Clementina van der Walt and Andile Dyalvane of Imiso were asked to make work which would be presented at the Sanlam Five Roses Fashion Show in Johannesburg later this year.

The challenge for me…to create something contemporary in line with the Sanlam Five Roses Fashion Event but something that would reflect the quaint art of celebrating traditional English tea time.

I saw this as a chance to combine the funky with the nostalgic. I have thrown a teaset on the potter’s wheel – a rather earthy ancient method of production – where the cups and saucers have fused into one object, this being a reference to the current popular use of mugs for drinking hot beverages.
The surfaces will be textured, incorporating graphic rose images, and a touch of metallic lustre will reflect a contemporary high-tech element.
The teaset should be used in a special ‘taking time off’ ritual, where the participants reflect on the aesthetic while savouring the traditional flavour of tea.

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